JEM was officially unveiled at the 1986 Toy Fair in New York City -- 1986 February 10th.
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1985 Jem/Jerrica Benton™ | Kimber Benton™ | Aja Leith™ | Shana Elmsford™ | Rio Pacheco™ | Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini™ | Mary "Stormer" Phillips™ | Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor™ | Eric Raymond™ | Mrs. Bailey™ | Synergy™ | Howard Sands™ | Zipper™ | Countess Danielle Du Voisin™ | Lindsey "Lin-Z" Pierce™ | Anthony Julian™ | The Starlight Girls™

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1987 Carmen "Raya" Alonso™ | Craig Phillips™ | Sheila "Jetta" Burns™ | Harriet Horn™ | Emmett Benton™ | Jacqui Benton™

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JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the first airing on Super Sunday
October 6, 1985 -- October 6, 2020
Count Down Clock:
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the Jem dolls line's unveiling
at Toy Fair 1986
February 02, 1986 - February 02, 2021
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of "the Beginning"
extended Jem episode.
April 04, 1986 - April 04, 2021
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the first "New" Jem episode
"Starbright Part 1- Falling Star."
July 7, 1986 - July 7, 2021
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the Glitter'n Gold line unveiling
at Toy Fair 1987
February 09, 1987 - February 09, 2022
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the "Glitter and Gold"
Jem episode.
March 15, 1987 - March 15, 2022
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the "Talent Search"
Jem episodes. (Raya/Jetta)
Sept. 21, 1987 - Sept. 21, 2022
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the Hollywood Jem episodes.
Jan. 11-12, 1988 - Jan. 11-12, 2023
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the "the Stingers" Jem episodes.
Feb. 02-03, 1988 - Feb. 02-03, 2023
JEM's 35th Anniversary
of the "A Father Should Be..."
Jem episodes. (the end)
May 02, 1988 - May 02, 2023


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JEM is Here!

Integrity Toys Licensing Deal ...
San Diego Comic ConHollywood Jem™
Hollywood Jem™
SDCC 2012
Jem and the Holograms™ - Classic Jem™, Jerrica Benton™, Rio Pacheco™ & Synergy™
Classic Jem™, Jerrica Benton™, Synergy™ & Rio Pacheco™
November 2012
The Holograms - Kimber Benton™, Aja Leith™ & Shana Elmsford™
The Holograms™: Kimber Benton™, Aja Leith™ & Shana Elmsford™
March 2013
The Misfits - Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor™, Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini™ & Mary "Stormer" Phillips™
The Misfits™: Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor™, Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini™ & Mary "Stormer" Phillips™
May 2013
The Stingers - Rory "Riot" Llewelyn™, Ingrid "Minx" Kruger™ & Phoebe "Rapture" Ashe™
The Stingers™: Rory "Riot" Llewelyn™, Ingrid "Minx" Kruger™ & Phoebe "Rapture" Ashe™
September 2013

Continuing after
the original Licensing Deal ...
Broadway Magic JemGlitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica Benton™ / Glitter'n Gold Rio Pacheco™
Broadway Magic Jem™ W Club 2013, Glitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica Benton™ SDCC 2013 & Glitter'n Gold Rio Pacheco™ IT Direct 2013
Who Is He Kissing? Flipside Giftset / the Holograms Stage Essentials & the Misfits Stage Essentials
Who Is He Kissing? Jem™ & Jerrica Benton™ December 2013 & Stage Essentials March 2014
Carmen "Raya" Alonso™, Sheila "Jetta" Burns™ & Maeve "Astral" Eldrich™
Carmen "Raya" Alonso™, Sheila "Jetta" Burns™ & Maeve "Astral" Eldrich™
March 2014
Constance "Clash" Montgomery™, Vivien "Video" Montgomery™, Giselle "Danse" Dvorak™ & Regine Césaire™
Constance "Clash" Montgomery™, Vivien "Video" Montgomery™, Giselle "Danse" Dvorak™ & Regine Césaire™
June 2014
In Stitches Jem™ & Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor™ Duet Giftset (2013 IT Direct Exclusive) Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
In Stitches Jem™ & Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor™
IT Direct 2015 - March 2014
W Club 2014 - August 2015
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Rockin' Romance Jem™
Countess Danielle Du Voisin™
W Club 2014 Upgrade
Rockin' Romance Jem™
SDCC 2014
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
Lindsey Pierce™
IT Direct 2015
Eric Raymond™
IT Direct 2015
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
Starstruck Jem™
IT Direct 2015 - Winter 2015
Craig Phillips™
IT Direct 2015 - Winter 2015
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
Award Night Jem™
W Club 2015 - Early 2016
Twilight In Paris Jericca Benton/Jem™
SDCC 2015
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
Anthony Julian™
IT Direct 2015 - Fall 2015
Showtime Jem™ SHOPBOP 2015 - October 2015
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
Sean Harrison™
IT Direct 2016 - Winter 2016
Rock 'N Roll Royalty
IT Direct 2016
May 2016
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
The Bands Breakup
IT Direct 2016
June/July 2016
The Bands Breakup
Mary "STORMER" Phillips™
IT Direct 2016
Late Summer 2016
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended
Designing Woman
Phyllis "PIZZAZZ" Gabor™
IT Direct 2016
June/July 2016
Gwendolyn "Graphix" Snyd™
W Club 2016 -
Feb 2017
Dolly-Days - New Editions with bonus fashions

Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor™
Bonus "At The Awards" Dress
Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini™
Bonus "I'm With Her" Dress
Mary "Stormer" Phillips™
Bonus "I'm Okay" Outfit
Ingrid "Minx" Kruger™
Bonus "Are You Feeling Alright?" Outfit
Phoebe "Rapture" Ashe™
Bonus "Destiny" Outfit
IT Direct 2016
Nov 2016

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IT Direct 2017
March 2017

Tomorrow Is My Wedding Day
IT Direct 2017
April 2017

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Studio Playset
W Club 2017
Fall 2017
Sophisticated Lady JEM®/Jerrica Benton™
IT Direct 2017
June 2017
The End
Encore ...
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Glitter ‘n Gold - Aja Leith™ On-Stage Mini-Giftset
(Encore-W Club 2017 Exclusive)
Winter 2017
Glitter ‘n Gold - Shana Elmsford™ On-Stage Mini-Giftset
(Encore-W Club 2017 Exclusive)
Winter 2017
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This is Farewell JEM™
(Encore-W Club 2017 Exclusive)
Winter 2017
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JEM is now on DVD!

The Truly Outrageous Complete Series Season One
Shout! Factory DVD - Jem The Truly Outrageous Complete Series! Shout! Factory DVD - Jem The Truly Outrageous Complete Series! - Season One
October 11, 2011 October 11, 2011
Season Two Season Three
Shout! Factory DVD - Jem The Truly Outrageous Complete Series! - Season Two Shout! Factory DVD - Jem The Truly Outrageous Complete Series! - Season Three
February 14, 2012 July 10,

Hasbro has reacquired the worldwide distribution rights to the Sunbow Library of Hasbro Classics on May 14, 2008.

Updated: Nov 3, 2011


JEM the Comic Book!
(April 2015)
JEM the Comic Book!(April 2015)
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Jem The Movie
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JEM the Movie!(2016?)

Jem and the Holograms is coming to Nextflix in 2012
All 65 episodes of Jem and the Holograms
are available on Nextflix Instant Que ($7.99 per month)

JEM @ 2012 San Diego Comic Con
HollywoodJem Integrity Toys - licensed by Hasbro -  ©2012 Hasbro
JEM @ 2011 New York Comic Con
with JEM at the 2011 New York Comic Con

JEM's Beatin' Beetle -
My Dream Car!
JEM's Beatin' Beetle - My Dream Car!
Glitter'n Gold VW
JEM's Beatin' Beetle - My Dream Car!

Fun Facts:

  • "Saturday's Hub premiere of "Jem and the Holograms" (2-5 p.m.) earned significant double-digit growth versus the prior week"
  • Jem was the #1 rated cartoon show Nov. 1986 (Nielsen).
    2.) G.I. Joe, 3.) Smurfs, 4.) Transformers, 5.)Thundercats
    Playthings - June 1987
  • Jem made over $50 Million her first year. (Not Correct? - unless it's net vs gross) source
  • 1987 - "Hasbro said it had projected sales of $30 million this year, but had only sold $21 million worth of Jem dolls"
    LA Times - Aug 22, 1987
  • The Jem theme went Triple Platunum by Aug. 1987 - over 3,000,000 dolls sold which included the theme song.
    LA Times - Nov 9, 1987 - thanks CTD
  • By Sept. 1988 over 5,000,000 dolls were sold.
    looking for source
  • Jem was voted the 1986 Girls Toy of the Year in Australia
    article unknown

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JEM "M" History
JEM, "I Remember How It All Began ..."

JEM "M" History

JEM Timeline JEM Workflow TJ! Calendar

JEM Hasbro Bradley Herald 1986 April
image from Hasbro Bradley Herald - Volume 2 No. 4 1986

Jem was officially unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, February 10, 1986. Which was to be a big shock to the world, or at least Hasbro hoped for the element of surprise. Hasbro had Sunbow create and air Jem as part of Super Sunday starting in October of 1985, so the element of surprise was gone. If you haven’t heard why, Hasbro wanted it to appear that the doll line was based on the show because of all the negative attitudes toward toy-based cartoons of the mid-80’s.

Update: Mattel's VP in charge of Barbie got a phone call saying that Hasbro was coming out with a rock star, so she put a group of designers together and called them the Pink Berets. In 16 hours, Mattel had developed Barbie and the Rockers. Instead of the normal 18 months it takes to develop (design to market) a single Barbie, the Rockers were developed in 4 months, to beat Jem to market. (from Episode 2 of "The Toys That Made Us" on Netflix)

Hasbro felt with the cartoon lead-time, Mattel had a pretty good idea of what Hasbro was planning. To throw Mattel off the scent, Hasbro faked dropping the doll line. By limiting pre-toy fair communications and strategically leaving Jem out, it appeared as if Hasbro was not going to release Jem after all. It seemed like Mattel either did not believe Hasbro dropped Jem or Mattel was not going to take any chances – Mattel pressed forward with Barbie and the Rockers.

With the doors opening at Toy Fair 1986, all the questions and speculations were put to rest. As spectators saw Jem/Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, Roxy, Stormer, Pizzazz and Rio for the first time. With the view of the Rockin’ Roadster, Jem Star Stage, Rock Backstager and a hand full of fashions, the world realized Hasbro was hard at work preparing for the newest musical invasion.

What is at the end of Kimber's keyboard?

It is the letter "M"

Kimber's keyboard with the letter M
Photo by Riot4Jem

Now why is there a M and not a J?

When Hasbro was given the idea for developing a 'Rock & Roll' doll, it started out as a male rock group. Development soon lead to "M," she is rumored to have male band members. As time passed, M became Jem; one reason given was Hasbro could not trademark a letter at that time. Other reasons are that M stands for Mattel, and that M would be too closely tied to MTV.
It sounds like the main reason for changing "M" to Jem was because of Bette Middler. Middler had sued over usage "Divine Miss M," so Hasbro was afraid she would sue over the M doll line. (unsure of source)
"Truly Outrageous!" (pre-1986)

Bill Sanders (1940-1990) a famous award winning advertising executive, and two friends/collaborators Joe Hyland (1935-2001 (a former Hasbro marketing executive and freelance toy designer) and his wife Barbara Hyland (an advertising executive and freelance toy designer) went to Hasbro with a idea of a new doll line, to compete with Barbie. Bill thought Barbie was boring and no fun.

Hasbro had Sunbow Production, Inc. develop a cartoon to promote the Jem dolls. It started as fifteen (seven minute) segments on a show with several boy's cartoons called "Super Sunday", or "Super Saturday", airing in October 1985. Because of the black lash against animated shows developed to sell toy lines, Hasbro purposely had the show released around six months before the doll line came out. Hasbro was hoping that would make it look like the cartoon came first.

When Hasbro had to give "M" a new name. The name Jem came from the Jemstar earrings M wore. The name of the band became the Holograms. The idea for the name came from the Holographic image that changed an ordinary girl Misty (or Morgan) into "M". And during this time the male band became two females ... with their names changing from Aria to Aja to Kimber, Jade to Aja. Shana came a little later, with names Beverly and Chandra. One name for Roxy and/or Stormer at this time was Rue.

Early concepts
became Jem/Jerrica
became Kimber
became Aja
Early Jem prototype - M/Misty became Jem/Jerrica
Early Jem prototype - Aja became Kimber
Early Jem prototype - Jade became Aja
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
became Pizzazz
became Roxy
became Stormer
Early Jem prototype - Pizazz became Pizzazz
Early Jem prototype - Rue became Roxy
Early Jem prototype - Roxy became Stormer
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
photos from an unnamed source
As development continued the dolls became based on the Kenner Darci 12-1/2" doll line. Hasbro even used Darci dolls to design the fashions to fit Jem.
Polaroids of evolution of first and second year dolls
Polaroids of Early Jem prototypes
Polaroids of Early Kimber prototypes
Polaroids of Early Aja prototypes
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 6/30/2010
Amount: $358.53
Seller: pjkho
Date: 3/23/2011
Amount: $307.00
Seller: pjkho
Date: 9/29/2010
Amount: $52.00
  • "1. "Misty" on a Creata doll
    Short pants w/see thru skirt, top w/one silver sleeve, headband
  • 2. "Misty" Creata doll w/white/orange pants, suspenders,wide belt/pink socks,hat/necklace,labeled on Polaroid 410030-06m (Oct. 1984)
  • 3. "Misty/Morgan" pink mini dress w/large sequin appliqué on bodice. Belt pink glitter and what looks like a Monogram M on it on a Creata doll.
  • 4. On a Darci doll. Short pink mini dress w/Jem in large letters on bodice, with the jagged belt effect.
  • 5. On the first Jem experimental doll painted face. I actually think this face was nicest. W/very poofy hair. This variation is very close to the final
    version. So you can imagine how many styles were tried before the final one was chosen.
  • 6. Misty/ Morgan Street Clothes. This version was a stripe magenta tunic, wide belt, and a tam for head covering."
  • "1. Kimber on Creata doll. pink and orange netting with slashes at bottom short dress, sash , Dark blue net tights. stars in hair. #411044-01m (Nov. 1984),
  • 2. Kimber (Aria), #411044-02m Sequined sweatshirt, blue tight pants, pink socks, sneakers, arm band. no date
  • 3.Kimber #4411044-05m Fashion similar to final
  • 4. Kimber, on a Darci, dated 6/14/85, it may be same fashion as #3, don't know reason it was on two different dolls"
  • "The first prototype is labeled Jade # 411043-01M (Aja) (Nov. 1984). It was designed on a Creata doll. She's wearing hot pink balloonlike pants, printed top, blue glitter belt, bead bracelet, and pink headband. Her hair is bright yellow puffy style.
  • The second is labeled Jade # 411043-02M, designed right after 01M. This is a short flared skirt, wide white waistband, hot pink spandex top, jacket with high collar and gathered sleeves, blue bead necklace, Asian style painted face with graphics on sides of face, blue puffy hairstyle with bangs.
  • The third and fourth Polaroids are similar with very slight different poses, one labeled Aja# 411043-17, 6/18/85.
  • the other Aja, 6/18/85. She's wearing pretty much what the doll was sold with in the box."
Polaroids of Early Shana prototypes
Polaroids of Early Pizzazz prototypes
Polaroids of Early Roxy prototypes
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/1/2013
Amount: $43.01
Seller: pjkho
Date: 7/21/2010
Amount: $358.53
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/04/2010
Amount: $821.00
This is an original Polaroid of Shana dated 6/18/1985. The name is stated as Chanda which was one of the first names chosen. the fashion is a prototype sample in it's early stage of
development. The fashion was modeled on a Darci doll.
  • "1. Pizazz/Discords.On a Creata doll. Black and white animal print w/magenta fringe. Yellow poofy hair. Black choker. Scarf on one leg, long sock on the other.
  • 2. Pizazz/Discords on a Creata doll. Dressed much like above description, but very different hair and makeup. Also yellow long sock on one leg and black textured long sock on the other.
  • 3. Pizazz on Darci. This fashion toned down quite a bit. No scarf on leg and less fringe at bodice."
  • "1. Roxy/Discords on a Creata doll. Pink poofy hair, yellow shirt top, with black/pink skirt, slits all across the bottom. Bracelets and anklets.
  • 2. Roxy on Creata doll. White hair. Purple fuzzy shirt with one sleeve, pink/yellow pants with black graphics.
  • 3. Roxy fashion on a Darci doll with purple fuzzy shirt, wide yellow belt, and gold lame pants.
  • 4. Same fashion as above, purple fuzzy shirt with wide yellow belt and gold lame pants."
Polaroids of Stormer Jem prototypes
Polaroids of Rio Jem prototypes
Polaroids of Early Danse prototypes
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/25/2010
Amount: $551.00
Seller: pjkho
Date: 9/06/2010
Amount: $213.50
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/1/2013
Amount: $42.02
  • 1. Stormer/Rue/Discords on a Creata Doll. Blue hair, black stripe bodice, yellow skirt, doublewrap pink belt, 2 different styles and color black chocker.
  • 2. Creata Doll. Dark color hair, arm band, black plastic almost like shark teeth deco on bodice, magenta bodice, black skirt, sheer black tights.
  • 3. Stormer fashion on a Darci doll. Same fashion as on the Creata with dark hair, but on a Darci.
    The front Polaroid has been distorted.
  • "This is a Polaroid of Rio wearing the striped jacket and pants similar to the fashion he would be sold in. The yellow t-shirt is plain, the t-shirt he would eventually wear has a printed design. He is also wearing a belt. No shoes. His hair is a very bushy brown and his face has not been painted."
This is an original set of Polaroids of a Danse Fashion worn by Aja and Danse prototype doll. It was the 3rd fashion made dated 1986.
Polaroids of Early Video prototypes
Polaroids of Early Raya prototypes
Polaroids of Clash Jem prototypes
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/1/2013
Amount: $33.07
Seller: pjkho
Date: 3/9/2011
Amount: $681.00
Seller: pjkho
Date: 9/08/2010
Amount: $510.00

This is an original set of Polaroids showing the Video fashion on a Kimber doll. Dated 4/8/86. The model is the 11th one made and the fashion that was chosen for Video.

Polaroids of Video Jem prototypes Polaroids of Video Jem prototypes
(click image) (click image)


  • The first experimental fashion shown upper left (1/17/86) on blue haired hispanic doll shows dk. blue capri pants with band on one leg, doll's low cut blouse is blue and yellow stripe. That was the original fashion presented.
  • The one dated 2/13/86 is a variation of the final design chosen, 512019-05m (Dec. 1985). This one includes headband, socks over tights and different color and style of vest and bow.
  • The final fashion (1 closeup and 1 full view has close to final design but not necessarily color, dated 4/11/86. 512019-14 p.t.o means preliminary turn over.
  • "Dated 1/17/86, shows doll with no head, but with a hot pink hat and a black dot net attached to it. The short black skirt with slit in front, looking gloves and pink mesh tights. The blouse is hot pink fur. It may be a Creata doll.
  • Dated 2/25/86, 512018-08m (Dec. 1985), is a black metallic mesh short dress with hot pink metallic belt, pink tights, yellow/green fur jacket with turquoise trim, and a black hat with brim turned up. Also yellow shoes. On a Jem doll.
  • Dated 4/16/86, 512018-18m. Short black metallic dress (like previous dress) pink metallic belt, Turquoise fur jacket with turquoise lame mesh tights. On Jem doll."
Glitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica
Glitter'n Gold Fashions
Polaroids of Early Jem prototypes
Polaroids of Early Jem prototypes
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 11/17/2010
Amount: $326.00
Seller: pjkho
Date: 2/23/2010
Amount: $154.50
missing the description from this auction
  • "They are two pictures of the prototypes that were the final fashions for "Diamond Nights" and Fire the Glitter and Gold Assortment. The fabric used for these fashions may or may not have been the fabrics used in manufacturing, or the for manufacturing. The back of both Polaroids reads" Glitter and Gold 1986, design"."
* description are from the auctions
  Polaroid of the original sketches and prototypes of 5 On Stage Fashions

Seller: pjkho
Date: 6/27/2008
Amount: $631.00
Polaroid of the original sketches and prototypes of 5 On Stage Fashions
  "Encore,"™ "Twilight In Paris,"™ "Dancin' The Night Away,"™
"Command Performance"™ & "Permanent Wave"™
Presentation Models
see the slides on the JEM Presentation Models page
Besides Deco, Guides, Rooting Masters, Paintmasters, etc., Hasbro had the complete dolls photographed and sent slides to the manufactures to show what the final produced doll should look like.
Jem Presentation Models
Danse Presentation Models
Video Presentation Models
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/13/2013
Amount: $28.85
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/13/2013
Amount: $31.87
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/13/2013
Amount: $23.37
Raya Presentation Models
Clash Presentation Models
Ashley Presentation Models
(click image)
(click image)
(click image)
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/13/2013
Amount: $36.63
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/13/2013
Amount: $42.14
Seller: pjkho
Date: 8/13/2013
Amount: $19.50
These are original slides from 1986/87 taken of the final presentation model and is the Clash Doll chosen for manufacture. The hair was styled by a professional stylist, the face was
hand painted by a professional and the fashion was sewn by the designer. The original slides were taken with and without flash.
* description are from the Clash auction

One playset was being developed for "M" was a jet. Like the released Jem playsets, it was to have a cassette player and speaker. It also could be transformed into a stage. This playset may have been dropped for the Rockin' Roadster, Star Stage, and Rock Backstager. Elements from this M jet were used in all three 1986 produced playsets. The most likely reason this playset was dropped was cost, because it might have been to costly of a playset to include in the first year of a brand new toyline.

Jem Plane Design illustrated by Bill Sanders Plane Design
as illustrated by Bill Sanders (1985)
(click image)  
"Only the Beginning" (1986)

Usually it starts with a hint of the new line in the Pre-Toy Fair Catalog. But not in 1986, Hasbro actually excluded Jem and released limited number of the 1986 Pre-Toy Fair Catalogs just to make Mattel think Hasbro was dropping the Jem line -- it didn't help, or Mattel was not fooled, as Mattel continued the release of Barbie and the Rockers. (source)

Barbie’s sales had been low for most of the 70s and 80s, so Hasbro thought they could take her place as the number one selling fashion doll. Jem wasn’t the number one selling doll. But thanks to Jem, Barbie and the Rockers put Barbie back on top with externally high sales.

Jem Jem/Jerrica the Holograms the Misfit and Rio
1986 Hasbro Catalog - Jem/Jerrica 1986 Hasbro Catalog - Jem/Jerrica 1986 Hasbro Catalog - The Holograms 1986 Hasbro Catalog - The Misfits and Rio
(click image) (click image) (click image) (click image)

Eight dolls, three playsets and twenty-four fashions started the doll line.

Those 15 "Super Sunday" segments were put together into a 90-minute "Truly Outrageous!" movie in 1986 and shown to kick off the new "JEM" animated series. At the same time those 15 segments where extended and included as the first five part episode of the "Jem" cartoon. The five part episode started airing in April of 1986. 4-1/2 minutes was added to three "Super Sunday" segments to fit the new Jem episode running time. "Starbright" soon followed in, July 1986, as 3 part episode. Between April of 1986 and the March of 1987 Jem had 26 full episodes.

"Getting Down To Business"
The dolls hit the store shelves and the catalogs and store flyers. Image from some of the Catalogs
"We're Off And Running" (1987)
Glitter'n Gold Jem and Rio new Holograms new Misfits Synergy and the Starlight Girls
1987 Hasbro Catalog - Glitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica, Glitter'n Gold Rio, and the Glitter'n Gold Roadster 1987 Hasbro Catalog - The New Holograms 1987 Hasbro Catalog - The New MIsfits 1987 Hasbro Catalog - Synergy and the Starlight Girls
(click image) (click image) (click image) (click image)

Three new Jem dolls, three new Holograms were added to the "New Look" Holograms, two new Misfits were added to the reissued Misfits, Synergy, three Starlight Girls along with three playsets (one new playset), the updated roadster, four stage playset attachments, a waterbed and twice as many fashion where added to the line. (1987)

"Glitter'n Gold" was the new doll theme and the 26th episode "Glitter and Gold", aired in March 1987 -- it was the first look at the new 1987 fashions and dolls, with the exception of Raya and Jetta. After the summer break, Raya and Jetta made their first appearance in September with "Talent Search" part 1 and 2. Jem was now being aired Monday through Friday. Between September of 1987 and the May of 1988 Jem had 39 full episodes. Sadly, Flash'n Sizzle Jem/Jerrica's fashion, the new look Holograms and Synergy along with Krissie and Banee's doll looks never appeared in the series.

The Rock’n Curl Jem fashion was designed by Girls’ Soft instead of Girls’ Hard who designed the rest of the boxed doll fashions.

Glitter'n Gold was originally the Hollywood/glamour theme and was put on the Toy Fair cover as a least attempt to get the sales Hasbro was expecting for Jem. This was to be a new direction for Jem and was an attempt to gain confidence with the buyers for the toy stores and toy departments. Hasbro was disappointed with the 1986 sales of Jem, but did not want to give up on her, and look like they completely failed. The 1987 orders for Jem did not meet Hasbro’s expectations so even though Jem was sold in 1987, all development stopped on the doll line around March or April of 1987 ...

"This is Farewell" (1988)
Just before development stopped at Hasbro, they sent images for the 1988 line to Sunbow.
Rockin' Romance Jem,
American Beauty Jem
& "scented" Hollywood Jem
two new Holograms
(Astral & Regine)
& Graphix of the Misfits
the Stingers
(Riot, Rapture & Minx)
1988 Hollywood Jem 1988 Graphix of the Misifts 1988 Riot of the Stingers 1988 Rapture of the Stingers 1988 Minx of the Stingers
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"basic" Hollywood Jem, the high end red dressed "Ruby Red Jem?" and the new "Red Dress" Pizzazz were also planed for an 1988 release. Along with a Wedding Kimber & Male doll along with a redo of Jem/Jerrica was also in development. So Sunbow may have also received image of those dolls too.
"Red Dress" Pizzazz and Graphix were dropped (or put on hold) due to low sales for the fall 1987 Misfits.

images sent to Sunbow of 1988 playsets
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images sent to Sunbow of 1988 fashions - "Video Costumes"
Mardi Gras Fashions fashions designed by Hasbro Designer Carleigh Hoffs
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It seems like Hasbro still was not ready to completely give up, at Jem was put back into development in July of 1987. I’m sure the popularity of the cartoon made Hasbro feel they still had a chance. It looked like Hasbro was going to pick up where they left off before the Toy Fair 1987 shutdown of development. Two new lower price Jem dolls, lower price Holograms, and Matching Medley (Mix & Match) fashions were revealed in the 1988 Pre-Toy Fair Catalog.
Rockin' Romance Jem &
American Beauty Jem
Regine, Video,
Astral & Danse
Matching Medley™ Fashions sets
1988 Pre-Toy Fair Hasbro Catalog - Rockin' Romance Jem and American Beauty Jem 1988 Pre-Toy Fair Hasbro Catalog - The Holograms Hasbro 1988 US Pre-Toy Fair Catalog - 4065 JEM® MATCHING MEDLEY™ FASHION ACCESSORIES , 4066 JEM® MATCH MEDLEY™ FASHION Hasbro 1988 US Pre-Toy Fair Catalog - 4067/4068 JEM® MATCHING MEDLEY™ FASHIONS
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The Stingers, a "basic" and "scented" version of Hollywood Jem, a high end red dress "Ruby Red Jem?", a new Jem/Jerrica and Wedding Kimber & Male were waiting in the wing, but the regular fashion assortments were not – Hasbro shut development down in March 1987, before the themes could be expanded in fashion assortments. A Stinger fashion assortment was never started and the Hollywood Jem assortment never made it to the prototype stage. On Stage Fashions, Flipside Fashions, Smashin’ Fashions, Rio Fashions, Glitter’n Gold Fashions and Music is Magic fashions were being unofficially updated, but no order was placed to develop the 1988 lines. Even without being ordered the fashion department still updated some of these lines and possible new 1988 On Stage and Smashin' Fashions ended up on ebay. The only 1988 known fashion set was "Video Costumes" or "Mardi Gras Fashions" which were in development before new development stopped around March 1987. The International/World Tour Fashions never made it past the Marketing Departments approval.

So there should have been at least five new Jem dolls:

  • Rockin' Romance Jem - 4004 (US 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog),
  • American Beauty Jem - 4007 (US 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog),
  • unknown Jem? missing sku number of 4008
  • "scented" Hollywood Jem - 4009 (French 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog-wrong doll pictured), and
  • Jem - 4010 (1988 store inventory list and price changes -- original the Misfits assortment sku)
    ("basic" Hollywood Jem was another 1988 release, along with high end red dress "Ruby Red Jem?" doll and a 1988 Jem/Jerrica "redo")

Wedding Kimber & Male (unknown male doll)

Two new Holograms:

  • Astral - original name was Magic (US 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog),
  • Regine - original name was Paris (US 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog), and
  • reissue of Video and Danse with long hair.
    (US 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog-changes not pictured)

A new group the Stingers - assortment number 4012: (French 1988 Pre-Toy Fair catalog/Media Guide)
The Stingers prototypes surfaced on ebay featuring brand new head molds for Riot and Rapture

  • Riot - original name was Chaos -- male,
  • Minx - original name was Fiasco -- female,
  • Rapture - original name was Jazz -- female.

And Rama Llama was going to be Jem's pet and was going to be available as an in box mail-in offer

Most of these new dolls appeared in the cartoon sometime in the fall and winter of 1987/1988. "Red Dress" Pizzazz and the new Misfit Graphix were put on hold for the 1988 line early on, and never appeared in the show. The new mix match outfits, along with many other new fashion sets were originally planned for 1988, but for assortments that were not officially ordered before development stopped.  Some of the new dolls and possible new fashions. A rumored new Rio was also developed, "Rio Oh' Boy," but never appeared in the series.

"Can't Get My Love Together"

Hasbro made Jem to expensive to compete in the marking place. Hasbro expected Jem to make over $30 million a year, but the sales were not there – not when the customer had a cheaper alternative to choose from. Hasbro made Jem too realistic, too articulate and with flashing earrings and/or a cassette tape, the costs were just too high to compete. The fact that Jem was not sculpted to fit Barbie’s clothing did not help either. The biggest complaint was that Jem's clothing was too big for Barbie.

Another reason for Jem's demise as surfaced from Hasbro -- the size of the boxes. It seems that the 14-1/2” tall doll boxes was a big issue to retail stores in most areas. Doll aisles were set up to hold the 11-3/4” Barbie boxes. Because of the larger size, one of two things happened – either the dolls would be sat on their side, or one shelve would have to be removed and the other shelves adjusted to accommodate the larger boxes. These are not issues that customers would see, but stores would see the display as looking sloppy and reflecting badly on the store or see it as loosing valuable shelf space. A retail outlet would see taking out the shelf as a loose of revenue -- overstock and backroom storage is seen as a negative in retail.

not confirmed: Hasbro, or more importantly Stephen Hassenfeld, saw that Jem had some marketing issue, and wanted to fix them. When Stephen found out that he was dying, he decided to cancel the line. Stephen felt like he did not have enough time to fix all the issues with Jem, and was afraid that Hasbro, under his brother Alan Hassenfeld, would not fix them after he was gone. The decision was to black out Jem completely, so it was like she never existed. All posters, dolls and anything Jem related were removed from Hasbro. Any remaining merchandise, included Rockin’ Romance Jem may have been shipped over seas.

Stephen Hassenfeld passed away on June 25, 1989.

March 2010 Updated/Correction: By the time the doll line was canceled the show was already rapping up. Hasbro was canceling all the Sunbow shows to save money -- Jem was the last one to be canceled, finishing out the 65 episode syndicated contract. The Jem cartoon may have even had a longer run thanks to the doll line being canceled. Hasbro promised the vendors they would continue the show after the line was canceled to help move (1987) product from store shelves. If the Jem doll line continued into 1988 more then likely Hasbro would have broken the contract with Sunbow dropping the Jem cartoon in Oct/Nov of 1987.

G. I. Joe and Transformers had hit the 65 episode mark.

  • G. I. Joe was canceled at 20 episodes after the first 65 --
    just 4 episodes shy of another 26 episode contract (two 13 contracts)
    after the original 65 episode contract = 85 of 91
    (last episode was on Nov 20, 1986)
  • Transformers was canceled 33 episodes after the first 65 --
    just 6 episodes shy of one 26 episode contract and one 13 episode contract (three 13 contracts)
    after the original 65 episode contract = 98 of 104
    (last episode was on Nov 11, 1987)

Hasbro contracts with Sunbow were for 65 episodes followed by 13 or 26 episode contracts beyond the first 65.This information is from a former Sunbow employee, it seems to conflict with the idea of G.I. Joe and Transformers continuing with 30 episodes contracts/seasons after the original 65 episodes. The Hasbro contracts for episodes (13, 26, etc.) might have little to nothing to do with the distribution of the episodes (30 episodes in a season).


A smaller doll called Maxie ended up replacing Jem. Maxie was a high school girl, with her high school friends. The line was the same size as Barbie and the fashions could be swapped with Barbie fashions. This line only lasted three years.

Maxie was not a true replacement for Jem because Hasbro originally was going to release both Jem and Maxie in 1988. Maxie was a produced because Hasbro acquiring the rights to Sindy in the European market, but was not able to release Sindy in the states because of licensing issues. Hasbro designed and prototyped the dolls and but only prototyped the fashions because Hasbro decided to use the Alberts to design the fashions. Hasbro also outsourced most many of the larger playsets to Meritus.

Maxie was going to have a band in the fall 1990, but Hasbro canceled Maxie before the dolls hit the stores. This Maxie band would have featured Jem instruments in new colors.

Rockin' Pretty Maxie
  • Rockin' Pretty Bianca - a blue Roxy guitar,
  • Rockin' Pretty Maxie - a purple Shana guitar,
  • Rockin' Pretty Ashley - a blue "Show Me The Way" Video Madness tambourine, missing the Jem logo, and
  • Rockin' Pretty Carly - a light green Kimber keyboard

Maxie was quickly followed by the New Kids on the Block dolls. That included two sets of dolls and a stage playset. New Kids dolls came with a black version of Jem’s microphone, and like Maxie’s Rob the body was an updated and less articulate version of the Rio body.

Many of Jem’s accessories also landed in the Sindy line that Hasbro manufactured and distributed in Europe -- including the Rockin’ Romance Jem dolls jewelry and the Rock’n Roses guitar.

Life After Jem

After the doll line and as the cartoon was being canceled Family Home Entertainment released 3 final VHS videocassettes. Avid released Truly Outrageous a few years later in 1991. Jem aired on the USA Network as last as the winter of 1992/1993.

It wasn’t until September 1999 that we saw another Jem related release with the 1st Rhino VHS release, a 2nd release videocassette in 2000. Sony Wonder owned the rights to all the Sunbow properties at that time and licensed them to Rhino. Five years into the licensing deal Rhino finally released their 1st and 2nd season DVD (first 26 episodes) in March of 2004, the third season, part 1 was release in September 2004. Before the third season, part 2 could be released Sony Wonder did not renew the licensing deal with Rhino so that last 20 episodes remained unreleased. During this licensing deal, Sony Wonder was dissolved so the ownership of the titles went to Sony Home Entertainment,

By May of 2008 Hasbro acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the Sunbow Library. And on October 11, 2011 Shout! Factory released Jem the Complete Series on DVD, through licensing with Hasbro -- and release their season episodes through July of 2012.

At the same time the Shout! Factory DVDs were being released, Hasbro also partnered with Discovery Kids Network to created the Hub network, which aired new and old content for the Hasbro brands. Jem was aired on TV in the first time in almost 20 years starting with a Marathon May 28, 2011.

To promote the Shout! Factory DVDs, welovefine licensed t-shirts, and Spirit Halloween licensed customs, Jem was at the New York Comic Con 2011. Hasbro also released a multi brand comic book called UNIT:E which included Jem, and has future version of Synergy as a main character which premiered at NYCC2011. The licensing continued with the release of the Integrity Toy Jem Adult Collector line premiering at San Diego Comic Con 2012. In the spring of 2014 filming started on a Jem live action movie to be released in October 23, 2015, and IDW Publishing is also licensed to release a comic book, starting April 2015.

JEM the Adult Collector Doll!
(2012 to 2017)
JEM the Comic Book!
(April 2015)
JEM the Movie!
(October 23, 2015)
Property of Integrity Toys, no copyright infringement intended JEM the Comic Book!(April 2015) JEM the Movie!(2016?)
Integrity Toys

Just like 1988, 2018 seems like the end of Jem. The Integrity Toy Jem officially ended in 2017, but the final playset and 3 Encore dolls shipped in March of 2018. At the same time the comic book is coming to an end. :(

We can still hope for the Jem movie sequel, Jem the rise of the Misfits -- but it doesn't sounds like it will ever happen.

Funko is rumored to be releasing a Jem and Pizzazz in October of 2018. And there are very strong rumors for a new comic coming from IDW Publishing.

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